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A tool for working with qualitative data.

  • Plan and organize interviews
  • Recruit users based on targeting
  • Process recordings and analyze outcomes
  • Prioritize findings based on severity
  • Share findings with your team or client

Userlab Studio is optimized for Google Chrome. Available for desktop only.

How it works

The process of Userlab Studio

Plan lab

Define context and objectives, structure the interview and add links to relevant content and design.


Recruit users

Find users yourself or let us do it for you. We do targeted recruiting to hook up the right users on your behalf.


Execute interviews

This is where you talk to users.

Analyze findings

Upload audio recordings and set time markers when you find something interesting. Link these markers to defined outcomes and discover patterns across interviews.


Prioritize outcomes

Structure and group your outcomes by theme. Add context and refine linked markers to ensure clarity.


Share insights

When all done, you can export a presentation optimized for pitching research. Feel free to download a Power Point or share a magic link.

Who is this for?

For professionals with experience and new comers alike. UserLab is a perfect fit for students, designers, product people and project managers.

What is a lab?

A lab is our way of framing a piece of research. Basically, it is a collection of interviews with a shared theme.

What about pricing?

Since we are currently in public beta, you will get free access to use the tool as much as you like. If you would need us to recruit users for you, we charge ~900 DKK a pop.

How are users recruited?

We have been refining a recruiting flow of our own based on experience. Through channels like Facebook we are able to target and get just the right people for you.

Can I do the recruiting myself?

Of course. We just want to make it easier for you to do research. If you already have users or know how to find them, just create them in our tool.

Is the tool for qualitative research only?

Right now it is. We do however have a vision to expand into the quantitative field with dynamic surveys and questionnaires some time next year.

So, how can I try it out?

That one is easy. Go to and sign up for free. Then take it for spin.

What if I am missing something?

We are very keen to make product changes as soon as we understand the use case. Please don't hesitate to give us feedback!

Take it for a spin

Available only on desktop. Get your demo user in less then 30 seconds here.